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Designing For the Small Business

I am very aware that a small business does not have the cash flow for a lot of "extras." But I think we all agree that business cards are important. So think of your small business web site as a "business card" which is made available literally to the whole wide world via the world wide web. Welcome to the new century! Computers are here to stay and will become more and more a part of our lives in this 21st century. I can put your business on the internet at a very reasonable cost to you. It makes sense to put this cost into your marketing and advertising budget.

Designing for Churches and Other Organizations

Churches and other organizations are by their very nature people oriented.  And they also want more members and more support.  What better way to accomplish that than by taking your church or organization online?  And a web site is a wonderful way for members to interact and keep in touch with one another and with the organization's planned events and activities. 

Designing for Individuals

My goal in designing web pages for individuals is to help you celebrate and announce to the world the most exciting events in your life.  If you just became engaged to be married, let me help you tell the world!  If you were recently married, let me showcase you and your wedding day.  Have you moved past the engagement and wedding and are expecting or have a new baby in your life?  Let me announce his/her arrival to the world! Forget about postage stamps and snail mail.  And enjoy yourself as friends and relatives start to "ooh" and "ahh" over your beautiful page which you will be able to send to them.

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