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Sounds From the Past

There are so many sounds associated with the good old days when we were growing up.  This page should bring back a lot of fond memories for you.

Television Shows
The Lone Ranger

Looney Tunes

The Theme from I Love Lucy


The Mickey Mouse Club

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Monkees

Scooby Doo

Mission Impossible

Perry Mason

Green Acres

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Get Smart

Television Commercials
Barbie and Ken


Mr. Potato Head

Coca Cola - The Supremes

Coca Cola - Freddie Cannon

Coca Cola - Aretha Franklin

Coca Cola - Nancy Sinatra

Coca Cola - Ray Charles

Coca Cola - Tom Jones

Dr. Pepper

Crest Toothpaste with Jodie Foster

More Commercials
Rice Krispies

Silly Putty

Dippity Do

Betsy Wetsy


Alka Seltzer

Ipana Toothpaste



Kelloggs - Tony the Tiger
The Movies
Gone With the Wind

Dr. Zhivago


The Graduate - Sounds of Silence

The Graduate - Mrs. Robinson

A Summer Place

To Sir With Love

What's New Pussycat

Zorba the Greek

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