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About This Website

This website is dedicated to the thousands of people who have graduated from Corrine L. Cohn High School in Nashville, Tennessee.  Though the building has not been a neighborhood high school since 1983, many of us will always remember Cohn High as the thriving and exciting city school where we spent our teen years.  Cohn was, and is, a place of learning and inspiration; it's a place where life-long friendships are formed  Today’s Cohn serves West Nashville in many extraordinary ways.  West Nashville's senior citizens are served every day through the Sr. Renaissance Center.  The school is home of our nationally recognized Cohn Community Education program, of the Southern Association accredited Cohn Adult High School, and many other exemplary lifelong learning programs.  May your memories of your glory days at old Cohn High sustain and inspire you throughout the years.  And may our Cohn High spirit forever flourish in this place!

You will find a lot of things on this site that are nostalgic because at this time in our lives we do tend to be very nostalgic for the "good old days" - our "glory days," and all that went with them.  For updates on classmates and all that is happening now, see the Cohn High Alumni Association website.

Facebook - The Best Social Network for Keeping Up With Old Friends

If you like keeping up with old friends, and you aren't already a Facebook member, you might want to consider joining up.  There are hundreds of Cohn High Alumni who are using Facebook.
Go to http://www.facebook.com.

You might also want to join the following groups once you become a member of Facebook:

Cohn High Alumni - Once you have signed up and become a member of Facebook, you can join this group by going HERE.

We Went to Cohn High Not Pearl-Cohn - This group was created to bring attention to the fact that when you enter your high school as Cohn High School on your profile information, it automatically defaults to Pearl-Cohn.  The members of this group want Facebook to fix that to reflect that our school was a separate entity from Pearl-Cohn, and we object to having Pearl-Cohn on our Facebook profiles as our high school. Once you have signed up and become a member of Facebook, you can join this group by going HERE.

I Grew Up in Charlotte Park/West Nashville - This group is fun and very active.  You're sure to find an old friend or two here.  The members of this group all grew up in West Nashville and are happy to share their memories of that experience.  Once you have signed up and become a member of Facebook, you can join this group by going HERE.

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